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Home Feedback for NIBRS, 2015

Feedback for NIBRS, 2015

Feedback for NIBRS, 2015

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Please fill out the form and use the submit button at the end to e-mail the completed form to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

Q1) What type of information were you seeking from <i>NIBRS, 2015</i>? (Check all that apply.)  
Q2) What was the focus of the information you were seeking? (Check all that apply.)  
Q3) Did you find the information you were seeking?  

Q4) Why did you not find the answer to your question?

Q5) How difficult was it for you to get to the page with the information you needed?  

Q6) Was the information presented in a way that enabled you to easily locate what you needed?  

Q7) Did you have to print the page in order to read and understand the information?  

Q8) How did you access <i>NIBRS, 2015</i>?  

Q9) Once you accessed <i>NIBRS, 2015</i>, what was the primary method of finding the information you were seeking?  

Q10) Is this the first time you have sought information from an FBI Web publication?

Q11) On average, how often do you anticipate you will use information in <i>NIBRS, 2015</i>?  

Q12) How much time did you spend with <i>NIBRS, 2015</i>, today?  

Q13) How does your experience with <i>NIBRS, 2015</i> compare with your experience using other Web sites or Web publications?  

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Q16) If you asked a specific question in Q15, please include your e-mail address, telephone number, and mailing address so that we can contact you with an answer.
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