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Home FBI eFOIA Request Form

FBI eFOIA Request Form

FBI eFOIA Request Form

EXPIRES 2/28/2018

The Freedom of Information Act allows any personexcept fugitives, federal agencies, and foreign intelligence agencies-to request information about organizations, businesses, investigations, historical events, incidents, groups or deceased persons.

Instructions: Please use this form to make FOIA request only,

This form CANNOT be used to make a request about yourself or another living person.

Have questions about FOIA request? Please go to the US Department of Justice Reference Guide.

If your request is for information about another living person , that information is usually not disclosed unless you have obtained the person’s written consent or unless public disclosure is authorized by law. Request for information about another living person should be accompanied by evidence of the subjects consent. Please use the U. S. Department of Justice (Certification of Identity) Form DOJ-361 and complete the section identified as Authorization to Release Information to Another Person.

If you are requesting a copy of your criminal arrest record or a background check, please contact the FBI’s Criminal Justice Services Division (CJIS), Clarksburg, WV. Please follow this link for more information. CJIS Background Check


Privacy Act Statement.

In accordance with 28 CFR Section 16.3, personal data sufficient to identify the individuals submitting requests under the Freedom of Information Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. Section 552) (FOIA), is required. The purpose of this solicitation is to ensure completed responses to requests for records are mailed to the appropriate address.  Disclosure is voluntary and the use of this information will be used consistent with the routine uses published in DOJ-004.  Individuals who submit FOIA requests to the FBI do so with the understanding that their identity as a FOIA requester may become a matter of public record because an agency’s FOIA activities, including the identity of entities making access requests, is subject to release pursuant to the FOIA.

To make a written request please mail to:

FBI Records Information Dissemination Section
Attn: FOIPA request
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

To make a written request please mail to:

FBI Records Information Dissemination Section
Attn: FOIPA request
170 Marcel Drive
Winchester, VA 22602-4843


Part A. Requester Information
Part B. Request

Request: Please remember that you may only make a FOIA request using this form. This form CANNOT be used to make a Privacy Act request. Please provide as much information as possible when completing this form. Providing detailed, accurate information regarding the request allows the FBI to conduct the most accurate search possible. If your request is for information concerning a deceased individual, you must provide a proof of death. Acceptable forms of proof of death include: obituaries, death certificates, recognized sources that can be documented, written media, an FBI file that indicates a person is deceased, date of birth is 100 years old or greater, or the Social Security death Index Page. It is the duty of the requester to provide the proof of death for a FOIA request. (A web-link does not satisfy the proof of death requirement)

If your request is for an entity/event please provide details of this entity/event in Section 2 of Part B. Please be very specific including dates, and individuals involved. If these individuals are living a privacy waiver MUST be completed and this request can not be completed using this form.

Section 1.
Date of Birth
/ /  

Please provide any information that would assist the FBI in locating responsive records. If your request has aliases please list these here.

Section 2.
Part C.
Fee Categories
Please select the appropriate fee category so that we may properly and accurately asses fees for your request.

Agreement to Pay

Agreement to pay fees: Please be advised that by making a FOIA request it shall be considered an agreement by you to pay all applicable fees up to $25.00 , unless you have been granted a fee waiver. When making a request, you may specify a willingness to pay a certain amount if you wish to pay more or less than the standard $25.

I understand that I will be informed if the estimated fees exceeds the amount I am willing to pay.

Part D.
Fee Waivers

Fee Waivers: If the disclosure of the information is not primarily for commercial interest and if you believe that the disclosure of these records is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations and activities of the government, you may ask that applicable fees be reduced or waived. If you are requesting a fee waiver please explain how your request meets these standards in the additional comments box below.

Expedited Processing
Expediting Processing: If you can determine that a "compelling need" for the requested information exist, you may ask that your request be taken out of order an given expedited treatment. Please state that you are requesting expedited processing, and then explain the reason you are requesting it.