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Home Evaluation Form for Hate Crime Statistics, 2004

Evaluation Form for Hate Crime Statistics, 2004

1. For what purpose did you use this edition of "Hate Crime Statistics"?
  Very helpful Mostly helpful Moderately helpful Mostly not helpful Not helpful at all
3. Did you find the information you were seeking?

If "No", why not?
4. Are there terms that could be explained more clearly?

5. Is there information presented in the tables that could be clearer?

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7. Which of the following best describes you as a user of the information from "Hate Crime Statistics"?

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You may submit this form electronically or send via facsimile to (304) 625-5394 or via mail to the following address.

Uniform Crime Reports

Programs Support Section
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, West Virginia 26306