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Community Advertising Fraud Investigation

Advertising Space Fraud Investigation

You may have been a victim of a federal crime perpetrated by individual(s) in Davenport, Iowa doing business as Communities Unlimited, LLC; Cities Unlimited, LLC; American Publishing LLC; A.D.S. Sports, LLC; or Millennium Productions LLC. Our records indicate you may have purchased advertising space for your business that was to be included on a magnetized city information guide, emergency 911 magnets, or a high school sports poster/calendar.

Due to the size and scope of this case, the FBI asks that you complete the secure online questionnaire below. Your responses are voluntary but would be useful in the federal investigation and prosecution of this matter as well as in determining the extent of your victimization (if any). Due to the large number of anticipated responses, it is not possible for the FBI to speak with each respondent individually; however, you may be contacted by a special agent and asked to provide additional information.

1. Which of the following Davenport, Iowa-based companies did you do business with? (Select all that apply.)
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5. Were you led to believe you would receive any “free” quantity as a result of your purchase?

6. Do you remember the name(s) of the individuals with whom you worked?

9. Was the promised quantity delivered for your payment?

10. Did you attempt to obtain a refund for your purchase?

11. Did you suffer any monetary loss?

12. Did you report the business to any state/federal law enforcement agency?

13. Have you retained any correspondence or documentation regarding your purchase?