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Seeking Information
In the Matter of C.C. Brown Law Office

00. Borrower Information (at time mortgage was received):
Date of Birth:  
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Telephone number:  

Mailing address:
01. Was there a co-borrower:

If yes, then:
02. Co-Borrower Information (at time mortgage was received):
Date of Birth:
/ /  
Telephone number:

Mailing address:
03. Mortgage property address:
04. Loan/Mortgage Information:
05. Type of Mortgage:

09. Original amount of loan:

10. Loan Status:

11. Do you have a lien or second mortgage on this property

12. Have you attempted to have your first (primary) mortgage modified?

If yes, then:
13. How were you solicited for loan modification services?

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15. What was the name of your Sales Representative:
16. What was the name of the entity you were told was going to assist you in a loan modification?

17. Were you ever contacted by a lawyer?

If yes, then:
What was the lawyers name:
19. Did you pay the loan modification fee's upfront?

20. did you pay your fees through a payment agreement?

21. Did you pay through some type of credit/debit credit card?

22. Did you pay through an automatic account withdrawal?

23. Were there any unexpected fees?

24. Were there any payments taken from your credit/debit card or other account that were unauthorized?

27. Was your loan modified?

28. did you request a refund?

30. Potential Existence of Attorney-Client Privilege

Government investigators would be interested in speaking with you further about your loan modification transaction and whether any promises or representations made to you were violated improper or unfulfilled.  To do so, however, would require your waiver of any applicable attorney-client privilege.  PLEASE NOTE that because C.C. Brown and its related entities have styled themselves as law firms and employed some attorneys, communications you had with representatives of C.C. Brown or one of its related entities might be protected under an attorney-client privilege.  Before having any further communications with investigators, you should consider speaking with an independent attorney about the meaning of this privilege, what it means to waive this privilege, and whether it is in your best interest to waive any potential privilege here. 

With this in mind, if you wish to discuss your situation with investigators further, please mark “yes” below.  If you do not wish to have any further communications with investigators, please mark “no” below.  Marking “yes” below will NOT constitute a waiver of any attorney-client privileged communications but will simply notify agents that you are open to having further discussions.  If you choose to converse with an agent, you will receive a letter with further information about how conversations between you and the agents might proceed.

30. Answer  

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