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Home Body Donation Investigation - Next-of-Kin Questionnaire

Body Donation Investigation - Next-of-Kin Questionnaire

Body Donation Investigation
Questionnaire for Next-of-Kin of Body Donors

The Detroit Division of the FBI is conducting an investigation into the activities of the following human body donation companies/programs:

- Biological Resource Center (Phoenix, Arizona)
- Biological Resource Center of Illinois (Rosemont/Schiller Park, Illinois)
- International Biological, Inc. (Detroit, Michigan)
- Arthroscopy Association of North America (Schiller Park, Illinois)
- Anatomical Service, Inc. (Schiller Park, Illinois)

If you were involved in the donation of a loved one to any of these organizations, we ask that you complete the below questionnaire to assist us in obtaining more information that will aid in the investigation.

1. To which company was your loved one's body donated?   Select all that apply.
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3. Did anyone recommend this company to you/the donor?  

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5. Did you/the donor receive any literature via mail, e-mail, or fax about the company?   Select all that apply.
6. Were you/the donor informed that the company would not sell the donation and/or that it was illegal for the company to sell human body parts?  

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8. Were you/the donor told how the donation would be used?  

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10. Did the company tell you/the donor about alternative options for families having financial difficulties covering final expenses?   e.g., county public fiduciary program, state indigent burial program

11. Was the donation made at least partly because of financial hardship with covering final expenses?  

12. Was there a Power of Attorney (POA) or Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA) on file for the donor?  

13. Would you like someone from the FBI to contact you to discuss this issue further?  

Privacy Act Statement

The FBI is authorized to collect the information on this form by one or more of the following provisions: Title 28, United States Code, sections 533 and 534; Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, section 0.85; and the Attorney General Guidelines for Victim and Witness Assistance. The information requested will assist the FBI in providing you with assistance to which crime victims are entitled under federal law. You do not have to provide the requested information; however, failure to do so may hinder the FBI in providing you with crime victim assistance. The information collected on this form is protected by the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, Title 5, United States Code section 552a, and is maintained in the FBI’s Central Records System, DOJ/FBI-002, a description of which was published in the Federal Register at 63 Fed. Reg. 8671 (Feb. 20, 1998) and which may be viewed at